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Why I am attending the Southern Baptist Annual Meeting in 2021

May 26, 2021, 12:26 PM





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As a child, I remember clearly going with my mom and dad each year to the Kansas/Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptist. My parents were diligent in keeping expenses at a minimum, so we didn't usually stay in a hotel or go out to eat at these events, but going to them was a big deal. I was lucky, though, because it seemed like there was always somewhere that I could find free doughnuts.


I don't remember most of the speakers, nor do I remember many of the resolutions or motions made at the annual meetings. I do remember, however, the decision for the Nebraska Baptist to join with the Kansas Baptist. Other than that, I have no clear memories of the events. At the time, I had very little appreciation for my parents' dedication to State Convention or National Convention issues, but now I see the importance.


In 2020, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) chose not to hold its annual meeting. This was a big decision, and it was a rare occurrence. Now, we are, of course, in 2021, and this year the SBC Annual Meeting is happening. The Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting will take place in Nashville, TN, on June 15-16. I will be there. Let me explain why this is a big deal and why you should care that your pastor is attending.


1. The Annual Meeting is where the Convention decides how our Cooperative Program dollars are spent.


There is a reason that we are an SBC church. Indeed, our doctrinal alignment is essential. We gladly and conventionally affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as one of our church's doctrinal statements.  We are Southern Baptist, however, because we believe in cooperative mission efforts. Each year we give thousands of dollars to the Cooperative Program (CP). The CP funds the International Mission Board, the North American Mission Board, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, our six Southern Baptist Seminaries, and Lifeway. We deserve a voice on where and how those funds are managed. Therefore, I am going to steward our missions giving.


2. The Annual Meeting is where Southern Baptists make statements as a whole on social and civil issues of our day.


This is where things get even more critical for me. See, our denomination voted in 2019 to endorse Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality (CRT/I). This is problematic. As a denomination and as a church, we do not affirm CRT/I. We believe that racial justice is best found in the teachings of Scripture and relying on Marxist ideologies are both counter to Scripture and an attempt to subvert the sufficiency of Scripture.


I will be voting to revoke Resolution 9 and doing so as a messenger from our church.


Further, over the last year, I have been blessed to work with numerous other Abolitionist Pastors from all over the US. These courageous and noblemen have worked diligently to write the first-ever resolution for the Southern Baptist Convention to abolish “abortion immediately, without exception or compromise.” We will be submitting that resolution to be voted on at the annual meeting. I am going for that very purpose. I am proud to represent FBC Buffalo as an Abolitionist Church.


3. The Annual Meeting is where Southern Baptists vote for the SBC President.


This is a big deal too. The SBC President is elected for two reasons.


 First, the SBC President represents the SBC as a figurehead and voice for our denomination. SBC Presidents have met with the President of the United States, are often called on to speak into issues by the media, and travel to various conferences and churches to speak on behalf of our denomination. We need a strong voice in this position as we face the moral revolutionaries of our day.


Second, the SBC President chooses the Trustees of our entities. This is a big deal. We need a President who will choose Trustees that represent the voices of churches like ours. I am prayerfully looking at the candidates for SBC President. There are four candidates (for insights on each of them, click here), and I will be voting for a candidate that I believe will work for the best interest of FBC Buffalo.


Here is what you can do as the SBCAM approaches:


-Pray for me as I travel and attend the meetings.

-Pray for the SBC to be unified as we meet.

-Pray for the meeting to be safe.

-Pray for the SBC to elect a leader who will lead the SBC rightly and fearing the Lord in these troubled times.

-Pray for the SBC to adopt the resolution to abolish abortion.


Finally, if you feel in your heart that you would like to attend the Southern Baptist Annual Meeting after reading this post, contact me. We can send up to 12 messengers to the meeting. Unfortunately, as of now, we are only sending one.



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