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Wednesday night devotion 5/6/20

May 6, 2020, 5:27 PM

Dear Church,


Last week we took a break from me teaching on Wednesday night to simply look at a video sermon that has been a blessing to me. We will continue that this week. If you take the time to watch these two videos and discuss them with your family it will not take very long.


The first video is simply a video to help you contextualize the book of Habakkuk. The next video is the sermon jam that I think will be a blessing to you. We have not spent a great deal of time in the book of Habakkuk, but I think this sermon and this brief video explaining A Habakkuk will be a blessing to you all.



Here is the sermon jam: 


Discussion questions:

1. What has been one of the greatest struggles in your life?

2. How did God use that?

3. What things have caused you to question God?

4. How did you bring those things to God?

5. How have you experienced Christ in suffering in your life?

6. When have you heard from God in the greatest way?

7. When have you experienced the closeness of God the greatest? What was that like?

8. The solution to our confusion and complaints can only come from God. What is it like to wait on God's answer? When have you waited and heard from God? What was that like to rest in his will?

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