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Wednesday night Bible Study Notes 4/29/20

April 29, 2020, 4:00 PM

Dear church,


Tonight, we're going to do things slightly different than what we usually have been doing on Wednesday nights. Rather than having a Bible study, tonight, I'm going to share a sermon from a pastor that has been a blessing to me. I encourage you to watch this on YouTube and then think through some of the questions below.


First, allow me to provide some of my mindset for doing this. Many of you have had the opportunity to sit with your family on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights and watch a message. You've likewise had the chance to work through the discussion questions that I have written and fill in the blanks from the sermon notes with your family. I have never had this opportunity. I don't want to miss out on the blessing of doing this with my family.


I know each of you understands how important it is to be able to minister to your family. Frequently it is the pastors family that misses out on these types of experiences. I don't want to rob my family of this opportunity. I am confident that you understand my mindset for doing this. I also think this is a chance for you to hear from someone besides me. You can also hear a sermon that has spoken to your pastor. 


The sermon that I encourage you to watch with your family tonight is by Leonard Ravenhill. The sermon title is  Gethsemane's Cup, and the text is Luke 22:39-46.

The sermon itself is actually only about 14 minutes long. I would encourage you to read the text of Luke 22: 39-46 and then watch the sermon.


After you've watched the sermon, I encourage you to answer the following questions with your family:


  1. When you think about Jesus taking the wrath of God for you, how does this cause you to think about your own sin?
  2. When you think about Jesus taking the wrath of God for you, how does this cause you to celebrate what Christ has done?
  3. How often have you thought about the reality of Jesus taking your punishment for you?
  4. As you listen to the sermon, were there any examples that really stuck out to you, and why?
  5. When you think about the presence of God in our church, what can you do to better prepare yourself to experience the presence of God when we gather together next time?
  6. Over the last six weeks, when we have not gathered together as a church, what have you missed the most? What can you do to better celebrate the corporate gathering of the body a believers when we get together?
  7. Is there anything that stuck out to you in the video, but you would like to discuss?


04-29-2020 at 9:45 PM
Wes Rash
Leonard Ravenhill was a pioneer in "radical Christianity being the normal" way before the term radical was ever introduced to the church. As far as he's concerned anything other than that simply falls short. Or, according to this scripture, should I say falls asleep. As did the disciples. Twice in Luke's scripture, Jesus says; "Pray that you will not fall into temptation". This is not a just in case statement by Jesus. The directive is that You Will fall into temptation ! So be constantly aware, and pray that you won't ! Pastor Ravenhill made a profound statement in this video when he said, " If your more excited about the coming of Jesus than you are the the presence of Jesus, then you better do some thinking. It's His presence that matters !" I ask, are you purposely living in His presence every moment of every day ? If that sounds to radical, it's not. As self proclaimed Christians, It should be our normal. Anything less is a misrepresentation of our Lord and Savior !
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