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Weather update January 3, 2021 FBC Buffalo

January 2, 2021, 6:38 PM

Dear Church, 

I am very grateful for the snow. It sure looked beautiful this afternoon coming down. I was even able to play with Elisha in it. That was enjoyable for sure.

Unfortunately, the snow does present a bit of a risk for people coming to church and even walking into church. I visited with Wes this evening about the best plan for our church to negotiate the risk of coming to church in the ice and snow and the blessing of gathering with the believers on the Lord’s day. Based on our observations, we believe the best move to ensure everyone safety, and that our sidewalks and parking lots are clean, is to cancel Sunday school Sunday morning January 3.

Below is a simple bullet point announcement about how we will be adjusting for tomorrow, January 3.

-We will meet at 11 AM for Sunday morning worship.

-We will meet on Sunday evening for community groups at 6 PM.

-We will post pone the deacon vote for Garlyn Rich until next Sunday, January 10th.

-We will be moving the ladies luncheon to next Sunday, January 10.


I’m praying that the roads are safe and that this adjustment will not create a problem for anyone. I’m looking forward to worshiping with you all.


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