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Sermon Notes 4/26/20 Luke 19:45-48

April 26, 2020, 8:22 AM

 Doing what is right when all others are wrong.

Luke 19:45-48

This is a text that demonstrates what doing right looks like when society has said it’s acceptable to maintain comfort and ease of rather than recognize God’s holiness.

I’ve often heard the following definition for integrity “Integrity is doing what is right when no one is looking.”

“When Scripture speaks____________ speaks.”—Martin Luther

Truth is truth because it is from the God who speaks ______________ only (Titus 1:2).

God does not ______________, and he tells us directly that he cannot lie (Hebrews 6:18). When we ask what the Bible says about a topic, it is different than looking into a dictionary or encyclopedia.

To _____________ truth and love truth, To speak ____________ To live truth.

 John 14:6 Jesus claims to be the ____________.

Jesus prays in John 17:17 that the father will “sanctify them in the truth; your ____________ is truth.”


“His spirit was being provoked within him as he was observing the city full of idols.” Acts 17:16  

When we see ________________, when we see falsehood, we must _______________ the truth

Speaking the truth is not always a popular thing.


Jesus didn’t just speak the truth but Jesus lived truth in action by clearing the Temple.

His ______________ life and his private life were consistent.

That is the mark of the believer, to live consistent with what you _________________.

 “One of the actions predicted of the Messiah in the old testament was his cleansing of the Temple worship (Malachi 3:1 – 3), and now to this he has attended.”—F. F. Bruce


Discussion questions for family worship or small groups:

  1. How do you live out and think about integrity in your life?
  2. Who are some examples of integrity that you look to besides Christ?
  3. How do those examples point to Christ?
  4. Do you love the truth so much that even in opposition the truth shines, and when have you had to make a stand for the truth? What did that look like?
  5. How have you prepared yourself to truly be passionate about what really matters?
  6. Does knowing what is right matter more than being right in your life? How do you know? How do others know?
  7. Christ cared about pleasing the father and not about pleasing men. How have you prepared yourself to stand for what is right in order to please the father?
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