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SB 391 and Abolition of Abortion Rally

March 6, 2021, 7:04 PM

Dear Church,

I want to share with you a special event taking place this week on Wednesday, March 10th, in Jefferson City. From 2:00-3:30 pm, there will be an abolition rally in the Capitol Rotunda at the State Capitol. Pastor Dave is on the program for this rally as a speaker. 

That same day, just 2 hours before the rally is scheduled, a hearing for SB 391, which will make abortion illegal in the state of Missouri, is going to take place.

Please do a couple of things.


1) First, please plan to attend the rally from 2:00-4:00 on March 10 in the Capitol Rotunda.

2) Please testify in favor of the bill at the hearing at 12:00.

3) If you cannot testify in person, please submit a Witness Form. You can do this from the Abolish Abortion MO website.

4) Meet Pastor Dave and others on Wednesday at 9:30 am to carpool from the church to Jefferson City to attend the hearing and the rally.

5) Call the Senators on the Health and Pensions Committee and ask that they vote this bill forward out of committee. Senator's contact information is below.


Health and Pension Committee

Senator Bob Onder, Chairman, Republican 2nd District,  (573) 751-1282

Senator Andrew Koenig, Vice-Chairman, Republican 15th District  (573) 751-5568

Senator Bill Eigel, Republican 23rd District  (573) 751-1141

Senator Holly Rehder, Republican 27th District  (573) 751-2459

Senator Jill Schupp, Democrat 24th District   (573) 751-9762

Senator Barbara Washington, Democrat 9th District   (573) 751-3158

Senator Bill White, Republican 32nd District   (573) 751-2173


Please let Pastor Dave know if you have any questions about this event. I hope to see you on March 10 at both the hearing and rally. 

Pastor Dave

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