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Refocus 2020: 5 Vision Statements for FBC Buffalo

July 14, 2020, 4:00 PM

Dear Church,


I am writing to you today as over the next few weeks I would like to share with you some areas that I feel convicted about concerning clarity and the direction of our church. For the next five-week, from the pulpit, I will be taking time to systematically work through our five vision statements. After prayer, reflection, and even being challenged, I have come up with a sermon series titled Refocus 2020: 5 Vision Statements for FBC Buffalo.


This sermon series should serve to guide our church through not only the rest of the year but for years to come. At the outset of the sermon series, I will present the document titled “5 Vision Statements for FBC Buffalo.” With the deacon’s approval, I am going to begin this sermon series on July 19th. On the first Sunday everyone will receive a document with the five tenants listed below. I will print out a copy of these tenants and hang them in each Sunday School/ Life Group classroom as well. I will likewise put them on the church website.


After each sermon I will end with a list of “action steps.” the action steps will be listed on a response card with the sermon notes. I will invite individuals to turn in the action steps at the end of the sermon. In other words, each of you will be challenged every week to individually respond to the sermon in a tangible way. Each week I will report and celebrate the numbers that are turned in the previous week. Below is a list of action steps that I will use for each sermon.  This is a long-term vision for our church. Your support it vital.



5 Vision Statements for FBC Buffalo


At FBC Buffalo we are . . .


1) People of the Word


2) People of Prayer


3) People of Evangelism


4) People of the Church


5) People on Mission



1) People of the Word

Text: John 17:17

-We read the word.

-We study the word.

-We grow in the word.

-We develop sound doctrine rooted in the word.


2) People of Prayer

Text: Matthew 6:5-15

-We pray together.

-We pray for each other.

-We pray for the community.

-We pray for the lost.


3) People of Evangelism

Text: Mark 16:15-16

-We all seek the lost.

-We are all prepared to lead others to Christ.

-We share and defend our faith constantly.


4) People of the Church

Text: Hebrews 10:24-25

-We value the Church.

-We value relationships in the Church.

-We disciple from within the Church intentionally.

-We love to meet together.


5) People on Mission

Text: Matthew 10:16-23

-We are people on mission in our individual neighborhoods.

-We are people on mission in our town.

-We are on mission in our State.

-We are on mission in our Nation and World.


Never in my time in ministry have I gone to the extent of planning for a sermon series like this. Never in my time in ministry have a specifically called on the church to respond in such a tangible way. We are, however, in unprecedented times. Times like these call for unprecedented actions. 


My goal is not only for us to have a greater clarity on who we are and where we are headed for our own sake, but I want our community to know what defines FBC Buffalo and sets us apart from other churches in our community. We are a people of the word. We are a people of prayer. We are a people of evangelism. We are a people of the church. We are a people on mission.  


Now is our chance to proclaim boldly that we are different. We are different for tangible reasons. We are different in where we are headed. By God’s grace, this series will shape our church for years to come. Join me in prayer and join me in preparing your heart for our church to be unified like never before. 


I am asking each of you to make a point to share this blog post on your personal social media accounts to help get the world out about what we are doing. This effort does depend on all of us as a church taking seriously where we are headed as a church in Buffalo, MO. 

Soli Deo Gloria,


Dave Van Bebber

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