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Pastor Dave to Speak on the Unknown Webcast

March 9, 2021, 9:50 AM


Today at noon Pastor Dave will be on the Unknown Webcast, a ministry of Midwest Christian Christian Outreach.

Don Veinot, President and Director of Midwest Christian Outreach, is the co-host. You can watch the program live at noon. Dave and Don and Don's co-host will be discussing our new book "Did God Stutter?" which comes out April 5.

Here is the program description: 

"Are the 66 books contained in the Bible inspired and inerrant in their original writings? Did Christ affirm inerrancy? The apostles or Early Church Fathers? What is inerrancy and does it matter today. David Van Bebber joins us to talk about his new booklet, “Did God Stutter?”"

You are invited to join our discussion.

The book will be available to the church in a digital form for free on April 5th.


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