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Meet the Fuller's Missionaries to the Western Cape of South Africa

January 6, 2021, 4:31 PM

Dear Church,


I'm excited to remind you that this Sunday, we will have the Fuller’s (John and Sarah) to speak on their ministry to the Western Cape of South Africa. John and Sarah are traveling all the way from Texas to come and talk to us about how we can support their mission to make the name of Christ famous among the nations, specifically in the Western Cape of South Africa. On Sunday morning, John will present a challenging message on what we can do to be serious about missions and ministry as individual believers and as a church. John and Sarah will share with us together on Sunday night in a question-answer type format. Please make a point to be there even if you don't usually come on Sunday night.


I'm excited about the opportunity for missionaries coming to speak to us for the first time in almost two years. The church has been faithful over the last few years to ask me to make sure that I connect with missionaries that we can work to support and pray for. That is one reason why I have invited John and Sarah to come and speak to us. When I first met John and Sarah, I was incredibly encouraged by their excitement about sharing the gospel with others. I think that you will be moved by their commitment to follow the Lord and proclaim him. Both John and Sarah were exceptionally encouraging and even challenged me and my spirit about ministry.


Please be praying for John and Sarah as they travel from Texas. Be sure to share with them on Sunday morning and evening how much you appreciate them coming. We will take up a collection on Sunday morning for them. Members of the church can designate the offering to them by offering envelopes in the pews. On Sunday night, we will again take up a collection for them if you missed your opportunity on Sunday. Be praying about what God might call you to give to them.

Further, pray about your ability to possibly support them monthly. Pray for our church, pray that we would be faithful to pray for their family as they take the Great Commission across the globe. Below are a brief bio and picture of the Fuller family.


“We are a family on mission who loves God and have been called by His grace to serve our Lord Christ Jesus overseas. Our boast is in Christ alone, and our joy is to proclaim the gospel and serve others for the glory of God. We have been led by His Spirit to do that cross-culturally in the Western Cape of South Africa. We have always had a love for missions, but the Lord directed us in a specific way through several short-term trips to the Cape over the last 4 years. During those times, we had the privilege to serve our Lord and the Cape people alongside our dear friends from Cape Missions, led by John and Barbara Doyle. As the Lord began calling us to serve long term on the mission field, through prayer and the prompting of His Spirit, we will be working with  Cape Missions permanently.”

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