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Letter from the Pastor

April 7, 2020, 12:00 PM

*Every week I write a letter to our church members that do not have an email account or the internet. I do this to keep them in contact with the church, and I share with them a CD of the sermon. I thought that I would share that messag with each of you every week too from now on. I hope that it encourages you and give you more insight on what I am doing and how I am praying for you all. -Dave


Dear Church, 


I've been doing my best to connect with you and inform you about what has been going on during the last few weeks. This certainly is a difficult time. I'm reminded however that God is good (Psalm 145:9), his word is true (John 17:17), he has a plan (Ephesians 1:11). I have tried to the best of my ability to take comfort in knowing that God’s good will is always going to be accomplished. I'm reminded of Genesis 50 where Joseph tells his brothers “what you intended for evil God intended for good” (Genesis 50: 20).


I'm not sure how long we are going to be in the situation. Anyone that tells you they know how long we will be in this “stay at home”  situation, is someone that I wouldn't listen to. Things at the church have been rather quiet as far as the amount of people who have come in and out, but each day I'm doing my best to remain faithful to my calling as a shepherd by calling individuals from the church, reaching out to church members through social media, and sending emails and text messages. I realize many of you do not have social media accounts, and many of you do not use social media or the internet. That is why I have been doing my best to get a hold of you over the phone. If you know someone from the church that you think has been missed, please let me know so I can reach out to them.(This is the reason some of you are getting this packet for the first time, someone let me know that I needed to send one to you.)


Over the next few weeks I will continue to preach through the book of John. After I spend a few weeks preaching through John, my plan is to get some feedback from each of you and preach through a topical series based on your suggested sermon topics. In the next letter I will be sending a feedback form for you to fill out that  you can send back to me with answers on topics you would like for me to preach on. I will have four questions for you and you can answer them; this will help me know what you all would like to have me preach on. You don't have to mail them back to me, if you'd like to call me and answer the questions that is fine too, and you can email your answers to me as well. I will be sending these questions to members of the church through as many methods as I can.


 I am asking each of you who are part of a Sunday School class, and even those of you who've not been active in a Sunday school class, to make sure that you are reaching out to others in the church and encouraging them. If you are in a Sunday School class, start with the folks in your class. I do not think that we can over communicate to one another during this time. I hope that those of you who are receiving the CDs are really enjoying being able to listen to the Sunday morning sermon. It is always great to get feedback from you all either over the phone, in an email, or through a text message.


If there is a sermon from the past that you would like for me to send you, don't hesitate to ask for it. If I can find the sermon, then I will put it on CD and get it sent to you. Further, if you know someone who maybe is not involved in a church and would like to get a CD from our service sent to them, please be sure to let me know this so I can reach out to them.


I want to thank you for your faithfulness to give generously to the church during this difficult time. I know that it has been a taxing time on every single one of you. I've been very encouraged however by your faithfulness in sending me messages of encouragement and being so faithful to continue to minister through your financial gifts. We cannot forget that there are Church planters, Seminary students, missionaries in training, and missionaries not only in North America that all over the world who our offerings go to support. Their future in the ministry is going to be impacted by the things that we are witnessing here in the United States. In fact, I would assume that their ministries to those across the world is going to be intensified due to the fact that they or in countries that do not have the amazing capabilities that we have.


 Finally, I want to encourage you to be praying for each other. Be praying for our church. Be praying for Sunday school teachers. Be praying for our nation's leaders. Be praying for world leaders. But more importantly, be praying that God will be glorified through this situation and that the gospel will go out in a powerful way. 


Soli Deo Gloria,


Dave Van Bebber

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