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Glimmer Review

February 4, 2021, 10:01 AM

Dear Church,


I get so many blessings in my life when it comes to getting to read great literature. Recently, my former professor from SBU sent me a copy of her most recent screenplay adapted to a novel. The novel is called Glimmer. It is a fascinating book. Without giving away too much, the book is a strong example of abolitionist literature. Like Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Mrs. Gayla Prewitt uses a narrative to offer an extremely compelling argument.


I would best describe the novel Glimmer as a story about what could be. In the novel, author Gayla Prewitt presents a compelling thought experiment and outright challenges those who might advocate for and consider abortion as an option. It offers one of the most compelling arguments, outside of Scripture, against the audacious, egregious, and murderous act of abortion I have ever read. In this simple thought experiment, Prewitt calls her readers to see the flesh and bones of an abortion gone right; life is terminated. Readers of this novel get to see how terrorizing the regret of abortion is on those who have seen this murderous act. I would challenge anyone who has a teenage child to share this book with them. It is a quick read, but it is a powerful read and captivating narrative. As a reader works to discover what is actually taking place, they will be introduced to numerous characters along the way. Each character is just as real as the story itself. Leading one down the trail to see just how deadly abortion is.


Glimmer is an extremely compelling argument, not only for the abolition of abortion and the submission to God's law but for the value of life and the impact of one life. While the narrative is fiction, the reality is that many actually have to live through the thought experiment depicted. But with stories like this, there is the hope that many won’t ever have to.


I want to encourage your Church to get yourselves a copy of Glimmer. Also, tune into the TAG You’re It! Podcast on Monday, February 15th to hear Mrs. Prewitt talk about this work and others she has authored to learn about what you can do to see this screenplay become a film.

To learn about what you can do to fund the project, check out the following link:

To purchase a copy of the novel, follow the following link:



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