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Church Update: Reopening all services 6/3/20

June 3, 2020, 3:57 PM

*This is a copy of the letter I send out to the whole church every week. This week, however, I am sending out two. Not only does it detail the full reopening schedule, but it also shares some about the mission trip this summer. Please be sure to read it. *



Dear church,


On Tuesday evening (June 2nd) members of the leadership team met together to discuss our next step. They were unanimous in the decision to restart the regular meeting times for worship. This will begin with meeting on Sunday morning and evening on June 7th. It will be followed by restarting Sunday school on June 14th, and it will be followed up with meeting on Wednesday nights on June 17th.


For the remainder of the month, we will be blocking off selected pews to provide plenty of space for everyone during our services. Please contact your Sunday School teacher so you can be caught up with any other items that your class might choose to implement regarding taking additional measures regarding space in your classrooms. Sunday School teachers will individually decide if there are matters of social distancing they would like to apply that best fit individual class settings. 


There are some other matters to share with you too. We will participate in our yearly mission trip from June 22nd through June 26th. We will be helping fix up the Peace Valley Retreat Center in St. Roberts, MO.  If you would like to check out the location, feel free to access the website by going to You can see what the retreat center looks like and get a feel for where we will be staying. If you have any questions about the mission trip, please see Pastor Dave or Angie Rash. Please also take the time to pray about how you can contribute to the mission trip.


The facility is somewhat small, so please let Angie know if you are wanting to participate as soon as possible. Due to the shorter than usual preparation time, be sure to quickly share with Pastor Dave or Angie that you desire to help. Be sure to keep your eye out for information in the bulletin and on the church website about mission team meetings. We are having to pack a lot of preparation into a shorter than regular schedule.


I want to encourage you to be sure to pray for our church to reconnect after this long time away. Be praying for unity among our church and a refocused sense of conviction for reaching our community. Let us use this restart to spring forward on mission together. Please contact Keith and Gaila Collins and ask them about what you can do to partner with them as we refocus our outreach efforts.


I want to encourage you to be praying for our nation. Be sharing the gospel. People in our community are scared and looking for hope. Possibly right in your neighborhood, there is a person who needs to know that in Christ, we have eternal hope and assurance.


I want to close by extending a very serious thank you to those who worked with me on the leadership team during the last two months. This was crucial to keeping the church operating. Thank you, Wes, Troy, Angie, Buster, Chantel, Cray, Becky, Gaila, John Dull, and James Barclay. Your counsel during the last two months has been beneficial. Thank you, Cray and Melissa, for your work on all of the church's financial items. Thank you to Wes, Casey, and James Barber for helping me teach on Wednesday nights. Thank you, Travis, for your help teaching on Sunday nights. Thank you, Cray, for assisting me with the video set-up and with the CD ministry. Thank you, Valerie, for helping me mail out the weekly letters. Thank you, Johnathan, for being here every Sunday and Wednesday night and letting me preach to the back of your head while you ran video, sound, and the slides. Thank you, Chantel, Rob, Cray, and Jessie for your work in putting together worship music for our church to enjoy and sing together ion our homes. I am blessed to have the individuals around me that allowed everything to operate smoothly over the last two months.


Finally, dear church, thank you all for your support and prayers during these last two months. So many of you gave sacrificially. Many of you came to help during the food distributions. Many of you called me, emailed me, and texted me with words of encouragement and reminders that you were praying for my family and me. I greatly missed all of you during this time, but I am glad that we can reunite as a church family. I pray that the Lord will use these last two months to remind us how fortunate we are to have the church family.


I look forward to what the Lord has for FBC Buffalo in the weeks, months, and years to come.




06-03-2020 at 9:51 PM
Dorothy Shumans
Like to do mission trip. Will check with camp to be sure I'm not still scheduled for mission class.
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