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Church update 6/1/20

June 1, 2020, 3:52 PM

*This is a copy of the letter that is sent out each week to update the member of the church who do not have the internet or social medial. The information in here is important however for every member and every person who is part of the FBC Buffalo Family. Be sure to read the update so you can be informed about everything that is going on in the church.*


Dear church,


I'm glad to be able to send you another update. Indeed, these have been interesting times over the last few months. I was able to check the box as a pasture who served during a pandemic. That was a first for me. That situation continues. Now we are entering into a time of civil unrest and racial tension unlike we have seen in my lifetime.


First, I believe that each of us should be grieving over the death of George Floyd. From everything I gather, he was A Christian man. He was a husband and a father. He was murdered. As Christians, we should hate injustice wherever it occurs. I believe that the gospel is the ultimate source of driving out injustice. My prayer is that each of you is very mindful of what you post to social media if you use social media.


This situation is certainly one that not only grieves me, but I believe greeves all Christians. We hate murder. God hates murder. We should be making the most of this opportunity to speak the truth of the gospel into every situation. We need to be careful about how we handle ourselves in all contexts. I've been encouraged by the way people in our church dealt with this situation this last Sunday. It was significant to join you in prayer at the start of the service over the situation in our country. 


I want to encourage each of you to be sure to pray for our leaders. Be praying for those who have been hurt by the situation. Please be praying for justice. Be praying for those who have had property damage and destruction of businesses as a result of this unrest. Well, there are many things that I do not understand. I believe scripture is explicit that we should be slow to speak and quick to listen. We have the ultimate source of all hope in the gospel. God has lavished his grace and mercy on every one of us generously.


I want to ask you very seriously to pray for police officers and those most impacted by racial injustices that are sometimes hard for us to understand. We do know that there is a correct and Christian way to respond to injustice. We should be quick to affirm evil things happen and denounced them. We need to be mindful of the fact that many of us do not face some of the hardships that others face do due to racial differences. I do not say these things lightly. Many people are confused and hurting and need the hope that only Jesus Christ can give. We live in a fallen world, and we cannot put our confidence in man to make things right. 


I want to encourage you not to rush to hasty judgment on others instead use each opportunity to proclaim Christ as King. We have a chance given every situation to point others back to Christ. We cannot take this lightly. As a church, we should stand united in denouncing inequality and injustice in all forms. Part of the gospel message is that Christ took the just punishment that every one of us deserves. We are falling by nature, and because of that, we are often selfish and quick to make judgments rather than proclaim the truth that has set us free. 


Next, I would like to give you a few updates on things at the church. By the time you receive this letter, we will have met as a leadership team to make decisions on our next move to returning to regular worship services. At this time, we are trying to make the best decisions to protect our church and to comply with the suggestions given to us by health care professionals. This is never done lightly. This impacts our church significantly. We want to protect everyone in our church to the best of our ability.


I'm asking you to pray specifically for unity as a church as we move forward. During these times of unrest, uncertainty, and confusion, we need to stand together as a body united by our common salvation and our common call to evangelism. We have had a great return of individuals back to the church each week. Our numbers in worship have exceeded what they were even a year ago. This is a fantastic blessing.


Be praying that this continued forward momentum will make an impact on our church and that it will make an impact on the movement of the gospel forward. As we move forward, let us refocus our goals to be a church that the community needs and contribute to the work of justice in our community and the world. Be praying that we would be united with one purpose to glorify God. Be praying that each of us will look past our preferences to seek out gospel-centered goals. We need everyone in the church on board as we move forward; each of us is called to be active participants in expanding the gospel to the ends of the earth. Each of you who is a member of First Baptist Buffalo has been called to see the gospel proclaimed from this church.


I know some of you are still hesitant to come back for Sunday morning worship. I understand those reservations. I want to encourage you to not stand in opposition to anyone reluctant and concerned about possibly getting the virus or spreading the virus. We have to be mindful of the reality, but the virus doesn't care where you are or who you are. I implore you, however, to find your hope in Christ Jesus. He is the one who overcame the grave and took the full wrath of God on our behalf. We do not have to live in fear because we have our hope grounded in Christ Jesus.


I look forward to seeing each of you as soon as I can. I look forward to talking to many of you on the phone in the coming days. Please be patient as we move forward. Be prayerful as we move forward. Let us move forward with a conviction that Christ is King, and his name needs to be made famous among the nations.


Finally, and I must note this, I have been extremely thankful for the powerful worship led by Chantel and Rob over the last few weeks. We have been greatly blessed by the leadership of these two. Personally, my spirit has been encouraged and uplifted to hear the church singing out loud and powerfully praising God. Be sure to tell both Rob and Chantel thank you for all they are doing to engage our church with powerful songs of praise to our Lord.




06-01-2020 at 7:57 PM
Dorothy Shumans
Glad to be back in corporate worship. But where are our Bibles and songbooks?
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