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5/4/20 Weekly update from Pastor Dave

May 4, 2020, 11:39 AM

***This is a copy of the letter I send to our members who do not have access to the internet or Social Media. It is a simple way for me to communicate with the church as a whole.  Be sure to email me or comment below if you have any questions or thoughts about the content of this message. This is written purely as an informative tool so I can communicate with the whole church as one body.***

Dear Church, 


What a blessing it is to be able to communicate with you even though this is not an ideal situation. I'm so thankful for the ability to use various forms of media, including Facebook, YouTube, our church website, and traditional letter writing, to be able to connect with you. I've been very thankful for the phone calls that I have been able to make and the discussions that I've been able to have with many of you. I'm grateful for the many thoughtful responses I have received from individuals through text messages, Facebook posts, and phone calls. These types of communications have certainly helped me remain steadfast during a trying time. 


I am reminded that the early Church was greatly blessed by the letters that the apostles sent to them. In so many of them, the authors would write many kind greetings to the churches. They would often speak about how blessed they were by the prayers of those churches and by the things that they had heard about those churches. I am blessed to know many good things continue to go on in our congregation, even as we are scattered.  


I was thankful this Sunday yet again to be able to preach from one of my favorite books, the book of John. This gospel is terrific. John makes it so clear the Jesus Christ is God. He likewise spends a good deal of time demonstrating through the testimony of John the Baptist that our ultimate calling is to point to Jesus. I'm excited to continue to preach through this gospel over the next few years.  


A few weeks ago, I did send many of you a survey asking for possible sermon topics. I have yet to receive any responses to those, but I look forward to getting those back. So far, two individuals have responded through the Internet and social media to that survey. I sincerely desire to know what you all would like for me to be preaching about. I will probably get the survey out again a few more times so that everyone has a chance to get their thoughts heard. 


This morning, during my devotion time, I did spend time again and John's gospel. I looked at the last section of chapter one. In that section, the disciples Andrew and John follow Jesus. Andrew introduces his brother Peter to Jesus, and Phillip is introduced to Jesus. Phillip introduces his friend Nathaniel to Jesus. I'm reminded so clearly that that is what we are to do. We are to proclaim Jesus, and we are to introduce other people to him. I can always do a better job of doing that. I am praying that as a church, we will be committed fully to proclaiming Jesus and introducing others to Jesus. 


You will not receive this letter until after I have met with the leadership team from the Church on Tuesday night. We will make some decisions on what our course going forward will be. I know many are eager to get back into Church. I'm anxious to get back into Church with you. With that said, I know we want to make the safest environment that we possibly can, and we want to follow the best precautions that we can as we come back to meet. Please be patient with us as we decide what is the best course of action. We do not want to put people in our Church at unnecessary risk.


I want to thank you again for being so faithful to pray for my family and me. I want to thank you also for being so committed to praying for each other. If you have not taken time to commit to earnest prayer during the last month and a half, then I encourage you to take that time with what we have left of this pandemic. I know that there are elements of this time that actually have been very beneficial to me. I have likewise, at times, missed out on some opportunities to grow spiritually and personally. I'm sure that there are always things that we can do better.


I hope that one thing you have seen for sure is how vital it is to be the gathered Church. I hope you have noted how important it is for us to sing songs of praise and worship to God together. I have really missed that a lot. I'm so thankful that this week Rob and Chantel, with the help of Cray, putting together some more worship music for us. We will try to make some of those songs available to you on CD if we can soon. It could prove a tremendous blessing to you.  


Over the next few months, I am not sure how things will go with the virus and with this pandemic. None of us are, but we do know the one who is sure. We know that all things will work together for his glory. Take hope in that. I know I take confidence in that.


I ask you to be very serious and diligent in your prayers for our Church as we move forward. Be prepared for some changes. Strive to be diligent to love one another through these changes. It can be effortless for us to not think about the needs of others and instead think more about our preferences. I plead with you to not make this mistake. Prepare your heart to serve together so that we can be a more faithful gospel community. 


As I end every letter, I am reminded of how much I miss being with each of you. This is something that is always on my mind and on my heart. Not being able to pour into you in face-to-face interactions has been difficult. My hope is that you have leaned heavily on the Holy Spirit and the resources that God has made available to you to continue to grow in your knowledge and love for Christ Jesus. I will make sure that as we make decisions over the next few days that you are all well informed about what we are going to be doing. I will certainly include that information in the following letter.


Soli Deo Gloria,




05-05-2020 at 10:58 AM
Dave Van Bebber
Thank you Christina Green. I look forward to getting to connect with you when we get back to normal worship. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.
05-04-2020 at 6:53 PM
Christina Green
👍Thank you, for encouraging the church. Awesome to see the word get out even though the doors had to close temporary. 👍Excellent Job pastor Dave. Have a blessed evening.
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