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4/20/20 Weekly Update From Pastor Dave

April 20, 2020, 11:37 AM

***This is a copy of the letter I send to our members who do not have access to the internet or Social Media. This is also a simple way for me to communicate with the church as a whole.  Be sure to email me or comment below if you have any questions or thoughts about the content of this message.***


Dear Church,


We are truly blessed. With that said, I cannot tell you how much I really do miss each and every one of you. Over the last week, your phone calls, text messages, emails, and connection through other mediums have been a real blessing to me. Throughout this entire ordeal, I have not been discouraged. My Hope Is that none of you will be discouraged. This is certainly not the way that we thought the months of March and April would go. The good news is that it looks like there will be some sense of normalcy returning to the state at the start of May. We really don't know what things will look like, but please be praying that we as a church will know how to manage how to get back together.


  I was blessed greatly last week by getting to study the parable of the Wise and Foolish Builder alongside Casey Rash. Casey joined me in teaching our Wednesday night Bible study. While we did not get through all of that parable, Casey will be back next week so we can try to finish it up. I really have enjoyed the format of teaching beside someone in a Bible study in that manner. In the future, we may do a few things like that on Wednesday nights. 


I've continued to meet with my Sunday school class every Sunday night through what is known as a zoom meeting. This is simply a multi-person video chat. It is not a perfect way to meet, but I enjoy seeing my class this way every week. I have had very good attendance in my class. I am hopeful that each and every one of you has been able to make connections with people from the church besides just me. 


Our church’s deacons have just been amazing through the whole ordeal. They have been outstanding in making sure that our church is staying in contact with each other, and they have continually been supportive of me. All of them have been key to keeping the church going. Please be praying for our deacons. I know they are doing the best they can to balance work, family, and Ministry in a way that they have not done before. I've been extremely proud of them. Take a moment to reach out to John Dull, James Barclay, Wes Rash, Casey Rash, Troy Smith, and Buster Carter (Yoke-fellow), and tell them how much you appreciate them. 


  I want to point out some things that I really believe we should be looking forward to. Again, we don't know when all of this will end, but we know that it will not last forever. With that in mind, here are a few things I want you to be thinking about as a means of looking towards God working through our church. First, be looking forward to the reality that we will be able to join together in corporate Worship in a powerful way soon. This time away from each other should have reminded believers just how important it is to gather as a church. Next, be looking forward to our church’s active participation in outreach when we get on the other side of this. Be looking forward to the reality that we will be doing a Revival in the fall. Our speaker has still agreed to come and to minister during the fall when we feel it will be the best time to do a revival; that will be an exciting thing. We should all look forward to the encouragement it will be once again when we meet in our Sunday School classes.


I ask you to be very specific in praying for a few things for our church over the next few weeks. Please be praying that God will give our church a renewed thankfulness for what it means to worship together as a body of believers. Pray that God will prepare my heart as I preach to our church in a face-to-face setting. It will be a somewhat odd change from preaching to a camera to preaching the people again. Be praying for Children's Ministries and our Youth Ministries. Our hope is that our youth and children will still get to go to camp this summer. Be praying for the planning of camp. Be praying for the hearts of those students who will attend. Be praying for the adult workers that they will not be afraid to come and to serve during that time.


Please pray for greater unity in our church than ever before. Pray that God would give us a desire greater to see people saved than ever before. Pray that God will give us boldness as a church to proclaim the gospel in a faithful way. Pray for every single one of the ministries in our church the God would give us a new set of eyes to see how we can better do things. Pray that our outreach focus will not be hurt but only blessed because of this whole situation. 


Church, I love you and I miss you. It has been a blessing for me to go through this trial beside you. While very few of you actually stood physically beside me during this, I can honestly say that your prayers have meant the world to me. Your spirit in unified prayer has been beside me. As I write this note, I am in joyful tears of gratitude for all that I've seen God do in my life over the last month. God has provided for our church. God has moved in our hearts, and my prayer is that God has moved in your heart. We have so much to be thankful for. God is doing good things. Do not limit what he can do as we get on the other side of this. Be praying for one another. Be praying more importantly for God to be glorified in your life and for the kingdom to come.


Soli Deo Gloria,



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