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1 Kings 17:1-4 Sermon Notes

May 10, 2020, 9:22 AM

The Widow of Zarephath:
1 Kings 17:1-4


Introduction to Elijah

  • We don’t know anything about Elijah’s background, he just shows up, stands before an evil king Ahab, and he pronounces this drought.
  • Elijah was__________________  for a national disaster with his proclamation.
  • We don’t know how God told Elijah that he was to flee.
  • We do know Elijah acted in ____________________.


1 Kings 17:5-9


  • God used an unclean animal to provide for Elijah.
  • He sends him to a Gentile woman.
  • God __________________________ as he promised.
  • Elijah then could act in faith and travel 100 miles or so to Zarephath (a gentile city home of Jezebel who wanted to kill him).


1 Kings 17:10-12


  • At times for people of faith things look pretty ____________________.
  • *What looks bleak for you in your life today?*
  • Are you one who finds themselves gathering the stick so you can prepare your last meal spiritually?
  • Things look __________________________ for this woman.
  • She is a widow.
  • God chooses the _____________________________ to be a tool for his incredible blessing.
  • 1 Corinthians 1:27 
  • There are times when God puts us in circumstances whereby human standards it seems hopeless.
  • But look at Elijah, this woman _______________________________ he was a prophet of God. “The LORD your God.
  • -Can this be seen in us? Can we, in turn, recognize this in others?
  • -What about our church? Are we really a place that causes others to say “This is a Church that belongs to the LORD.”
  • -Jesus actually pauses to recognize this woman’s faith… _____________________


1 KINGS 17:13


  • Nobody gets higher props than those doled out by the LORD incarnate.
  • “Do not fear”
  • Things look bad, all__________________________ are terrible… “Do not fear” say this with me “DO NOT FEAR”.
  • There are times and there will be times when everything is hitting the fan.
  • You will have fear in your journey but listen to these words… “DO NOT FEAR”.
  • -When you see those around you in pain, _______________________, and uncertainty…DO NOT FEAR! Isaiah 41:10


1 KINGS 17:14-16


  • Faith is what is required, faith is what is expected for those who follow Christ Jesus
  • This widow didn’t hope in a prophet or even her __________________________.
  • She trusted in the __________________  _________________.
  • Hebrews 11:6
  • This woman needed a miracle and so did Elijah.


1 Kings 17:17-18


  • She trusted God, God came through but then there was pain.
  • Sorrow is real.
  • God showed himself to act on her behalf but now it seemed like he was disserting her.
  • Folks the text never indicates that God was ___________________ with this woman.
  • It is not a sin to ________________________ at times, but that is why being with other believers is so critical.


1 KINGS 17:19-24


  • Elijah cried in verse 20.
  • Elijah_____________________ for this woman, for her situation for her pain.
  • God ____________________________ the cry verse 22.
  • Who in the story is the person of great faith in the Lord?
  • The widow is like me powerless.
  • But in my powerless state, I can believe.


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